Everyone will have at least a family or friend complain to them about their wisdom teeth problem(s). It is a common issue especially among Asians as Asians tend to have smaller jaws which may pose a problem in accommodating the 3rd molar or more commonly known as the wisdom tooth. While some people may experience severe pain or even swelling due to their wisdom teeth, others do not. Why is this so?

Here are some six probable reasons why:

  1. Missing Wisdom Teeth – Yes! Some of us are just plain lucky to have one or more missing wisdom teeth although it is very rare for a person to have no wisdom teeth at all. No Wisdom Teeth = No Wisdom Teeth Problems!
  2. Buried Or Unerupted Wisdom Teeth – When there is simply not enough space or if the wisdom tooth is growing in the wrong direction, it is unable to erupt properly into the mouth. If you don’t see it, most likely it is not going to give you problems. However it is still recommended to take x-rays for follow-ups as there is small percentage of wisdom teeth that may develop into cysts.
  3. Upright Wisdom Teeth – For those who are fortunate enough to have well-aligned wisdom teeth, these are easier to clean compared to impacted ones. Impacted wisdom teeth create areas where food can get trapped, causing decay and pericoronitis (ie: swelling of the gums around the wisdom tooth).
  4. Good Oral Hygiene – By having good oral hygiene, there is less bacteria and plaque thus reducing the chance of having problems like decay or pericoronitis although impacted wisdom teeth might be more difficult to clean because of their position in the mouth.
  5. Having A Healthy Diet –  Avoid having a diet consisting of high sugar content or frequent snacking as these increase the risk of tooth decay especially the wisdom teeth.
  6. Scheduling Regular Check-Ups And Cleaning – By having regular 6-monthly check-ups and cleaning, your dentist can detect any early signs of decay/risks and treat them early before any potential infection/issue can occur.

So if you have always wondered whether your wisdom teeth will give you problems in the future or are already experiencing problems with them now, do ask your dentist during your next visit.

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