1. Experience

Although all Invisalign providers receive the proper training to administer the system, you may wish to select one that has special accreditation. You may or may not have noticed that some Invisalign providers are certified as Platinum, Platinum Elite or Diamond providers. This refers to the number of Invisalign cases the accredited dentist or practice has completed.

2. Convenience

Invisalign treatment lasts at least 18 months and you have to go back for an occasional checkup and review every 6-8 weeks so it is important to choose a clinic which is located conveniently for you.

3. Technology

Look out for the technology the clinic uses. Clinics using more advanced technology like iTero scanner and AcceleDent devices can help your Invisalign treatment faster.

4. Recommendations and review

Search online for reviews or ask around to learn about the different Invisalign treatment experiences to help you make more informed choices.

5. Environment of the clinic

Make sure you feel comfortable in the clinic and take note of its cleanliness and hygiene practices while you were there. Also, it is important to check out the team knowledge about Invisalign as they are a great resource center to assist you during your Invisalign treatment.

6. Costs

This may be your important factor when choosing your Invisalign doctor but it should not be the deciding factor as the cost of Invisalign depends on the factors mentioned above. Most importantly you should enjoy the whole experience and find a doctor who can help to achieve your goals.

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