Alleviate Discomfort and Save Your Natural Teeth. 

Root canal treatment is a procedure to treat an infected pulp/nerve of the tooth. The benefit of root canal treatments is that it resolves pain and infection. This avoids the need for tooth extraction and tooth replacement which can be more costly and time-consuming. This means that you will be able to keep your own natural tooth and function normally with it.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

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Root canal treatment helps to alleviate pain and prevent future complications by removing the infected pulp tissue of a tooth. Root canal treatment may be necessary in the event of: 

  • Dental trauma that results in a cracked or fractured tooth. 
  • Deep tooth decay that has progressed to the dental pulp. 
  • Severe gum disease.
  • Exposure of a tooth’s dentin and enamel layers due to excessive wear and tear.

A patient requiring root canal treatment may also experience:

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold stimuli.

  • Tooth discolouration.

  • Swelling, and tenderness of the overlying soft tissues in the oral cavity (sometimes including the presence of a gum abscess).


Step 1:

Your dentist will begin with diagnostic imaging (X-ray) to assess the affected tooth.

Step 2:

Local anaesthesia is administered to the region of the affected tooth to make it numb so that the procedure is pain-free, before it is isolated with a dental dam.

Step 3:

The infected dental pulp is then accessed through the crown, for removal. 

Step 4:

The emptied pulp chamber is then thoroughly cleaned, shaped, and disinfected.

Step 5:

A temporary tooth filling is placed over the tooth to restore its shape while the tooth and its surrounding structures heal. 

Step 6:

You will be asked to return after one or two weeks to replace the temporary tooth filling with a permanent tooth filling.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Singapore

Root Canal

Start from
$550-1,200/before GST

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is a root canal treatment painful?

No, it is pain-free as the area being treated is anaesthetised. However, the soft tissue surrounding the root canal treated tooth may be tender in the days following treatment. To ease any discomfort or pain, painkillers may be prescribed.

How long does a root canal procedure take?

As each root canal case is unique, an entire treatment might take between 1 hour in a single visit, up to multiple visits to complete. 

Is root canal treatment safe?

Root canal treatment is safe and effective. With advancements in dental instruments and disinfecting techniques, the ability to successfully restore a tooth through root canal treatment has increased. It is also safer to preserve a tooth through root canal treatment, than to allow the progression of a tooth infection. In some instances, a tooth that can no longer be treated may require an extraction.

What are some symptoms of a root canal infection?

Some symptoms of infected root canals include:

  • Persistent pain and increased tooth sensitivity
  • Discoloured tooth
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Fatigue
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Swelling of the face, gums, or jaw
  • Pain when chewing

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