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Creating Bright And Beautiful Smiles. 

Teeth whitening procedures improve the appearance of stained teeth, making them appear whiter. A brighter and healthier smile not only improves your appearance, but it can increase your confidence and make you look more youthful.

Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Necessary?

Teeth whitening treatments may be necessary due to:

  1. Natural wear and tear—Through ageing, and regular wear and tear over time, our natural teeth may have a slightly more yellow appearance.
  2. Daily lifestyle choices—Prolonged consumption of beverages such as wine and caffeinated drinks may result in tooth discolouration.

The teeth whitening process uses a bleaching agent to reverse this natural damage to your teeth. If you notice a drastic change in your tooth colour, it may be time to undergo teeth whitening treatment.


At-home whitening care:

This form of treatment allows you to take home whitening kits with the whitening toothpaste and apply it by yourself.

Step 1: 

Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth in order to fabricate custom dental trays.

Step 2: 

You will be prescribed a whitening gel to apply onto the dental trays, before placing them over your teeth. As this procedure may vary for individual patients, your dentist will advise you on the necessary duration for this treatment plan.

Professional in-clinic whitening care:

For more severely discoloured teeth or heavy teeth stains, you may need to undergo in-office whitening treatment.

Step 1: 

Your dentist will begin by cleaning the surfaces of your teeth before applying a whitening gel.

Step 2: 

A special blue light is used to activate the whitening gel.

Step 3: 

This process may be repeated several times to achieve the desired results.

Our Pricing

At-home whitening care

$500/before GST

Professional in-clinic teeth
whitening care

$900/before GST

Power whitening care (includes at-home and professional in-clinic whitening care)

$1200/before GST

In-office Teeth Whitening Options with dePacific Dental Clinics

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