Our aim is to provide optimum dentistry to our patients while they remain at ease and comfortable throughout the procedure.


We are proud to have a comprehensive range of modern dental art technology in our dental clinics to provide you the full range of outpatient dental services made possible. Services are however made affordable without compromising the health standard requirements and essential protocols for high level dentistry.


Your safety and comfort is our priority. We have strict hygiene and safety protocols for our sterilization procedures that exceeds standards laid by the Ministry of Health. This is to ensure our patients a safe and yet pleasant dental experience. All our clinical staff members wear disposable safety masks, gloves and disposable scrub uniforms.

Infection Control

Infectious diseases are spread through blood and body fluids like saliva. For your safety, all our equipments and instruments are carefully disinfected and sterilized according to standards laid by MOH and disposable are used whenever possible.

We sterilize all our instruments in an autoclave (steriliser) that exceeds standards recommended by the Ministry of Health. All instruments are either high grade steel or titanium that can tolerate sterilization under high pressure at 134 degrees celsius.

We like you to enjoy your dental visits and we provide you the following to make your dental experience a pleasant one.

• Flat Screen TVs • Complete Sterilization Center
• DVD Players • Intra Oral Camera
• Chair side Computers • Comprehensive Dental Imaging Units
• Modern Dental Chairs • Advanced Dental Materials
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Thank you for showing interest in our dental services. Please indicate your preferred clinic and dental concerns and we will contact you within 1 working day for the confirmation of an available slot.